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Mill Creek's Brooke Shields - "Brooke"
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Australian MultiGen
(4th  Gen)
Small Medium

 Color:   Apricot
 VetGen:  Bbee
 Size:  17" 23lbs 
Coat: Fleece
 Cerf: normal
 PRA:  clear by parentage
 Patellar luxation:  normal
  Parents: Taylor/Wrigley 
Non-shed & allergy friendly
ALAA # - 019177

Brooke is our sweet little up and coming girl.  She is out of our Taylor and Wrigley.  The litter she came from was absolutely fabulous.  So much so that many have asked for their very own "Brooke".  Her brother Denzel is in our breeding program as well.  Brooke has a wonderful floppy personality.  As a puppy, she never really went through a puppy stage, she has always been very trust-worthy and loving.  She has a coat to die for and such a precious face.  We cannot wait for her to come of age. 

8 months old 

6 months old   

4 .5 months old


                4.5 months old                       Brooke and Denzel 3.5 months 


3 months old                                    6 weeks old


5 weeks old                                         1 week old