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Mill Creek's Carly Simon - "Carly" - RETIRED
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Small Medium
Australian MultiGen

 Color:   Cafe
 VetGen:  bbEe
 Size:  18" 30lbs
 Coat:  Wool
 Cerf: normal
 PRA:  clear by parentage
 Hips: EXCELLENT in OFA scheme per Dr. Wallace
 Patellar luxation:  normal

                                                         Non-shed & allergy friendly                                                                                     ALAA # - 018617 Co-Owned with SkyeDoodles

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Carly is out of our Kira and Alpine Ridge Positively Charming.     Carly is a very interactive girl and very smart.  She watches everything and is very intuitive. 




          Carly at 7 wks                          Carly at 4 wks