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RETIRED - Ocean State's Indiana Jones - "Indy"
                                                         Available to approved females

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Australian Multigen (3rd gen)

Small Medium

 Color:  Dark Apricot
 VetGen:   Bbee
 Size:  17"  25lbs
 Coat:  Fleece
 Cerf:  Normal
 PRA:  clear by parentage
 Hips:  Excellent-OFA scheme Dr. Wallace 
 Elbows: normal
 Cardiac: normal
 Patellar luxation:  normal
 Birthdate:  October 19, 2009
Non-shed & allergy friendly
ALAA # - 017760
In Guardian Home
Doyen Family in Dacula, GA


                                  Thank you Ocean State Labradoodles for Indy                             

Introducing Ocean State's Indiana Jones
Indy's Guardian Family are the Doyens in Dacula, GA.  The Doyens are Taylor's Guardian Family as well.  We are very excited for him as this is a wonderful family with dogs to play with and kids to run around with.  I know that they will have all sorts of adventures together!  We will miss him terribly, but plan on seeing him regularly!
Indy is about 29 lbs and 17.5" tall.
He has gone through and earned his AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy certification. He has a fantastic personality, great with children and just a wonderful guy.  He has great boning and is very compact.  He has a beautiful soft, silky, fleece coat.  He also carries for chocolate.


1 year 4 months old 


1 year 4 months old


8.5 months old

Indy (8.5mos) and Brooke (4.5 mos)...future match


5 months old


Indy at 4 months old


Indy at 4 months old