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Mill Creek's Amadeus Mozart - "Mozart"
Australian Multigen (6th gen)

 Color:      Caramel (parti factored)
 VetGen:  bbee
18"  33lbs 
 Coat:  Fleece
 Cerf:  Normal
 PRA:  clear by parentage
 Hips:  Good-Excellent OFA scheme Dr.Wallace 
 Elbows: normal
 Cardiac: normal
 Patellar luxation:  normal
Non-shed & allergy friendly
ALAA # -016826 
In Guardian Home
Rowell Family in Alabama
Mozart is our boy out of Kira and Wrigley.  He has quite a bit of pure Australian lines behind him.  He is a sweet, mellow boy who lives in a guardian home near Augusta, GA.  He has a dilute nose so is considered a caramel and carries for chocolate and cream.  He is a perfect medium size and has a wonderful fleece coat.  Sweet little face and great boning as well.  


1 year 4mos old

8 months old
7 months old

2 weeks old                              4 weeks old

9 weeks old