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Mill Creek's Daisy Mae Duke - "Daisy"
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Australian Multigen Labradoodle


 Color:  Apricot/White Parti
 VetGen:  Bbee
 Size:  19" 37lbs 
 Coat: Fleece
 Cerf:  Passed
 PRA:  clear by parentage
 Hips:  Good OFA scheme per Dr. Wallace
 Cardiac: normal
 Patellar luxation:  normal
 Parents: Sam & Faith

Non-shed & allergy friendly

Lives in Guardian home



Daisy lives with another Mill Creek guardian "Addie".  Daisy is sweet and very loving and will lick you to death.  She loves for her ears, tummy and under her neck and face to be rubbed.  She is also very smart and learns commands quickly like out, inside now, come, down and others that seem to come up periodically.  She loves to play ball but also to take the balls and push them under the couch, a rug, the quilt on the bed and to play hide and seek with them.  The couches get pulled out each night because the 20 something balls are all gone and guess where they are.  She also loves to play tug a war with her guardian or Addie.  She'll get a tug toy and swing it front of Addie's face until she grabs it.  I have a bell on the front door which she rings when she needs to go out but if I don't pay any attention, she gets right in my face and barks.