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Mill Creek's Kirstie Alley "Alley"


Ladd Hill's Willy Wonka "Willy"

Puppies Born August 16, 2015 :)

7 weeks old 



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Mill Creek's Lucy in the Sky "Lucy"


Mill Creek's Moose Tracks "Moose"

  Puppies Born September 5th :)

3 Weeks Old 


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Mill Creek's Carly Simon "Carly"


Mill Creek's Denzel Washington "Denzel"

  Puppies Born September 9th :)

1 Week Old



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Mill Creek's Celine Dion "Celine"


Mill Creek's Show Me the Money "Cash"

  Have Eloped :) Pregnancy Confirmed!


          Mill Creek's Celine Deon                 Mill Creek's Show Me the Money "Cash"

 This will be Celine's last litter for us.  Luckily we have her daughter, Coco, to carry her lines.  Celine comes from my original lines and is a very loving girl who loves to play.  This is Cash's first litter for us and we can't wait to see what he produces in this litter with Celine.  These puppies will all be creams with fleece coats and possibly wool.  I also anticipate some nice solid boning with this couple :)  Celine is about 50lbs and Cash about 60lbs...expecting standards.  Ultrasound around September 11 or 12th with due date of about October 18th. 

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Mill Creek's Ginger Rogers "Ginger"


Ocean State's Tug on my Heartstrings "Tug"



      Mill Creek's Ginger Rogers          Ocean State's Tug at my Heartstrings


Ginger is a very loving girl who loves to go on walks and lives with her daughter in a guardian home.  She has a great dark apricot fleece coat.  She was bred to sweet Tug who is a love.  He has great Irish spotting and should pass that along to his puppies.  The puppies should be large minis to small mediums, around 16.5"-17.5" and 25-30lbs and have caramel, apricot and possibly red fleece coats :)  This is going to be a precious litter! Ultrasound to confirm pregnancy will be around the 2nd week of October with an estimated due date of November 17th with puppies going home around 2nd week in January.

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1.  Moore - medium, F, no cream - HOLD

2.  Bader - medium, F, cream  (Alley/Willy) HOLD

3.  Abbas - medium, MF, chocolate  (Alley/Willy)

4.  Kohler - medium   (Alley/Willy)

5.  Plauche - mini, F only  (Ginger/Tug)

6.  Rymer - medium, any  (Lucy/Moose)

7.  Schroeder - medium, MF, chocolate or cream (Alley/Willy & Lucy/Moose)

8. VanBrown - mini/medium, MF, chocolate (Alley/Willy & Lucy/Moose) HOLD

9.  Mills - medium, M, choco/white or black/white parti - HOLD

10.  Boyles - medium/standard, F, parti or chocolate

11.  Bagley - standard, M, cream * (Celine)

12.   Komblum - medium, M, parti (Alley)

13.  Parrish - medium, parti (Alley)

14.  McEntire - mini-medium, chocolate (Carly)

15.  Long -  medium, chocolate, M wool (Carly)

16.  Abernathy - standard, M, cream or chocolate (Celine)

17.  Rifkin - medium, M, apricot (Ginger)

18.  Maxwell - medium, M, chocolate (Pending)





HOLD - 'Hold' simply means that a family is waiting on getting a puppy, but still have a deposit which saves theier spot.  The families on 'Hold' will be responsible to contact me when they are ready to get a puppy.  They may not jump on a litter wait list if that particular list has already been created no matter where they fall on the Master Wait List.  They will need to keep track of my website and contact me when they are ready.

* - Interested in Guardian Program