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Mill Creek's Princess Mia Thermopolis "Mia" &

Cream Puff's Stairway to Heaven "Zeppelin"

Mini/Small Medium Australian Labradoodles

4 Weeks Old

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Mill Creek's Hazel Stardust in my Eyes "Hazel" &

Cream Puff's Stairway to Heaven "Zeppelin"

Birthday February 8, 2018

Large Mini/Small Medium Australian Labradoodles








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When we receive a $300 non-refundable deposit and a puppy application from a family, your name is added onto our "Master Wait List" in order to reserve your spot.  Once a litter is born, we will contact the (non-hold) families who are on the Master Wait List in the order in which they are listed to determine their intentions with the particular litter.  At that point, the Wait List for the particular litter is compiled and included in the website under the specific litter.  


1.  Moore - medium, F, no cream HOLD (3/1/18)

2.  Mills - medium, M, choco/white or black/white parti - HOLD (3/1/18)

3.  Edee - curly - HOLD (3/1/18)

4.  Leonard - Small Med, F - HOLD (3/1/18)

5.  Jenson - light color  - HOLD (3/1/18)

6. Foster - large med/small std, apricot/caramel - HOLD (3/1/18)

7.  Sierzego - small medium, F, caramel/apricot -HOLD (3/1/18)

8.  Mabey - medium  - HOLD (3/1/18)

9.  Goodman - litter, mini/sm medium, F, red,black,choc -HOLD (6/1/19)

10.  Thompson - F -HOLD (3/1/18)

11.  Wetzler - F, no parti, Large Mini/Medium - HOLD (3/1/18)

12.  Murnahan - mini, M, red -HOLD (6/1/19)

*13. Lane - Medium/Std, Spring 2018

14. Caudell - Medium, Female (Marley) - HOLD

15. Huff - Medium, Female, Parti - HOLD

16. Chawla - Medium, Male

17. Kramer - Medium, Spring 2018 (Mia/Zeppelin)

18. Crunkleton - Mini, Female, cream (Mia/Zeppelin)

19. Adair - Mini, Male (Mia/Zeppelin)

20. O'Brien - Mini, Red (Hazel/Zeppelin)

21. Bean - Mini,Red (Hazel/Zeppelin)






 HOLD - 'Hold' simply means that a family is waiting on getting a puppy, but still have a deposit which saves their spot.  The families on 'Hold' will be responsible to contact me when they are ready to get a puppy.  They may not jump on a litter wait list if that particular list has already been created no matter where they fall on the Master Wait List.  They will need to keep track of my website and contact me when they are ready.  Once a family is placed on "HOLD", they will have 2 years to get a puppy.

* - Interested in Guardian Program