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Mill Creek's Goddess of Love "Freya"


Mill Creek's Pirate of the Caribbean "Jax"

Medium Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodles

Birth Date February 24, 2021

4 Weeks Old



FREYA                                    JAX 

 Freya and Jax are both having their breeding debut. What an amazing couple...these are going to be a beautiful bunch of puppies! They will have puppies of their coloring (chocolates and caramels) and will mature to approximately 17.5"-18.5" and 30lbs-40lbs. Pregnancy confirmed.

~ Birth Date February 24th & Puppies Going Home approx April 21th~

Accepting 3 More Deposits & 1 Alternate

Mill Creek's Kim Kardashian "Kimmie"


Mill Creek's Sergeant Pepper "Sergeant"

Mini Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodles

Birthdate: February 28, 2021

4 Weeks Old



KIMMIE                                 SERGEANT

Kimmie is having her first litter with the stud muffin himself, Sergeant. They can have puppies of all colors (cream, caramel, chocolate and black) and maybe even some parti! Puppies should mature to approximately 16"-17" and 18lbs-27lbs. Pregnancy Confirmed.

~ Birth Date March 1st & Puppies Going Home approx April 25th~

Taking 1 Alternate Deposit

Mill Creek's At the Gates of Dawn "Piper"


Dreamland's Ozzy Osbourne

Medium Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodles

Birthdate March 6, 2021

2 Weeks Old






PIPER                                        OZZY

Piper is also having her breeding debut, but with none other than Ozzy! We expect beautiful litter with them as well. They should be having chocolate and caramel puppies (possibly some parti) which should mature to approximately 17"-18.5" and 25lbs - 40lbs. Pregnancy confirmed!

~ Estimated Due Date March 8th & Puppies Going Home approx May 3rd ~

Accepting 4 More Deposits & 1 Alternate

Mill Creek's ZsaZsa Gabor "ZsaZsa"


Mill Creek's Sergeant Pepper "Sergeant"

SmallMedium Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodles

Birthdate March 29, 2021

Zsa Zsa and puppies are doing great!

5 Boys and 4 Girls



 ZsaZsa                                      Sergeant

Pregnancy confirmed!

~ Estimated Due Date March 29th & Puppies Going Home approx May 24th ~

Accepting 8 Deposits



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   Brooke, Kira & Sasha <3                Sierra Vista's Shakira, Rattle & Roll - "Kira"  

Sasha/Cooper Litter - @ 8 weeks
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