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 Brooke and Bandit...together once again!!! 

Small Medium-Medium Puppies


All Colors & Partis expected ;)


  &       Mill Creek's Brooke Shields        Mill Creek's Antonio Banderas

"Brooke"                                         "Bandit" 
These two will elope once again.  Their first litter together was so stunning, that I had to do it again :)  Puppies expected to mature to about 17"-18.5" and 25-35lbs.  Beautiful fleece coats in all colors (apricot, apricot/white parti, chocolate, chocolate/white parti, black, black/white parti, caramel, and caramel/white parti). 
Wait list now open.  Due date approximately October 20th. 

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Ginger and Blazer are eloping....what a pair!!! 

Minis Australian Labradoodle Puppies

Dark Apricots and Caramels expected ;)



 Mill Creek's Ginger Rogers      Southern Charm's Blaze of Glory

"Ginger"                                       "Blazer"

Match made in heaven!  Ginger and Blazer should make some beautiful and sweet puppies.  This is Ginger's first litter and we can't wait.  We are expecting 16"-17" puppies with fleece coats in dark apricots and caramels.  Ultrasound to confirm pregnancy last week of September.  Wait list now open.



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Kira and Ruler have eloped :)  

Standard Australian Labradoodle Puppies

Dark Caramels, Chocolates, Lavenders expected ;)


   Sierra Vista's Shakira, Rattle & Roll       Coulee's Cardinal Ruler

                          "Kira"                                              "Ruler"

So excited about this litter.  This will be our sweet Kira's final litter for us so we made sure we found the perfect boy for her!  They have eloped, confirmation approx October 21st and puppies due approx November 27th :-)

Wait List now open

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Sasha/Cooper Litter - @ 8 weeks
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