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Mill Creek's Kirstie Alley "Alley"


Ladd Hill's Willy Wonka "Willy"

   Alley had her puppies  August 16, 2015 :)

2 weeks old 





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Mill Creek's Lucy in the Sky "Lucy"


Mill Creek's Moose Tracks "Moose"

  Puppy Watch....countdown has begun!! :)



     Mill Creek's Lucy in the Sky                      Mill Creek's Moose Tracks

This is a debut litter for both Lucy and Moose :)  They are sooo precious and cannot wait to see their puppies ... expecting beautiful puppies and extraordinary temperaments.  We may have caramels...depending on whether Lucy carries for cream.  There is even a possibility of a parti....it will be a surprise :)  Puppies should range between 20-30lbs and 16"-18".  Pregnancy Confirmed! Estimated due date of September 6th.

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Mill Creek's Carly Simon "Carly"


Mill Creek's Denzel Washington "Denzel"

  Puppies coming soon :)


                 Mill Creek's Carly Simon               Mill Creek's Denzel Washington

                                    "Carly"                                                "Denzel" 

 Retirement litter for both these sweet ones!  Carly comes from our therapy lines and has a temperament to die for.  She is in tune with everything going on and loves all... and passes these wonderful traits to her puppies. Denzel, well just look at him!  He is dreamy...he is a full brother to our Brooke and both he and Brooke never disappoint.  This pairing is a perfect way to retire, they are going out with a bang <3  We should have all color with them: chocolate, cream, caramel, and black with fleece coats with maybe a wool.  Mediums expected between 18"-19" and 28-38lbs.  Due date is September 10 with puppies going home first week of November.

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Mill Creek's Celine Dion "Celine"


Mill Creek's Show Me the Money "Cash"

  Have Eloped :)


          Mill Creek's Celine Deon                 Mill Creek's Show Me the Money "Cash"

 This will be Celine's last litter for us.  Luckily we have her daughter, Coco, to carry her lines.  Celine comes from my original lines and is a very loving girl who loves to play.  This is Cash's first litter for us and we can't wait to see what he produces in this litter with Celine.  These puppies will all be creams with fleece coats and possibly wool.  I also anticipate some nice solid boning with this couple :)  Celine is about 50lbs and Cash about 60lbs, puppies should be standards.  Ultrasound to confirm pregnancy around September 11 or 12 with Due date around October 18th...

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   Brooke, Kira & Sasha <3                Sierra Vista's Shakira, Rattle & Roll - "Kira"  

Sasha/Cooper Litter - @ 8 weeks
"In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog" 






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