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Mill Creek's Marilyn Monroe "Marley"

& Dreamland's Ozzy Osborne

Birthdate: October 22, 2018


Medium Australian Multigen Labradoodle

6.5 Weeks Old




Mill Creek Labradoodles

Guardian Available


Cain Family

 This is a debut for both Marley & Ozzy! Can't wait to see the puppies they produce. Couldn't be any sweeter dogs than these 2 love birds. We are expecting chocolates and caramels. Possibly caramel partis and chocolate partis...we will soon find out! Size should be mediums, approximately 17.5"-18.5" 30lbs-38lbs

~Due Date Oct 22th with puppies going home approx Dec 17th~

Mill Creek's Misty Copeland "Misty"

& Shelby Avenue's Ivan Rakatic "Raki"

Confirmed Pregnant

Australian Multigen Labradoodle

"Misty"                                        "Raki"

 Misty and Raki have eloped and are expecting puppies. All of their puppies will be caramel like they are, have fleece coats and grow to be approx. large mediums to small standards (40lbs-50lbs & 18.5"-19.5"). Pregnancy has been confirmed :)

~Due Date December 31st with puppies going home approx February 25th~

 Wait List Open

Mill Creek's Daisy Mae Duke "Daisy"

& Dreamland's Ozzy Osborne "Ozzy"

Confirmed Pregnant

Australian Multigen Labradoodle

Daisy                                               Ozzy
Daisy and Ozzy are going to have puppies :) We are expecting all colors, it will be a rainbow litter! Black, black/white parti, chocolate, chocolate/white parti, apricot, apricot/white parti, caramel, caramel/white parti...anticipate mediums, approximately 18"-19" and 33lbs to 38lbs.

 ~Due Date January 2nd with puppies going home approx February 27th~

Wait List Open

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   Brooke, Kira & Sasha <3                Sierra Vista's Shakira, Rattle & Roll - "Kira"  

Sasha/Cooper Litter - @ 8 weeks
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